Sixteen churches, in fourteen countries, in three continents – and with ministry and mission links across the globe.  That's the Church of Scotland International Presbytery.  It's a Presbytery like no other... and the General Assembly of 2016 recognised this in the International Presbytery Act, which has placed the Presbytery on an equal footing to all other presbyteries, and establish its working relationship with the central Church of Scotland...


Members of Presbytery represent all the congregations in the presbytery - a minister and elder from each - together with other Church of Scotland ministers living or working outside the United Kingdom and elders appointed to ensure a balance of equal numbers of ministers and elders.

The presbytery meets twice a year (in March and October) over a three day period, being hosted by each of the European congregations in turn.

The most recent meeting was in Geneva (10th - 13th October 2019); the next meeting will be in Gibraltar, from 6th - 9th March 2020.

Geneva group Oct 2019

Members of Presbytery at the Calvin Auditoire, Geneva, Switzerland, October 2019 ...



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